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Evergreen Planning to Host Pre-Season Four-Banger Sunday
St. Johns, PA (2/1/2016)- Thus far the 2016 racing season for the new management of Evergreen Raceway in St. Johns, PA has been a success. From their first Enduro in January to pre-registrations pouring in for their next Enduro, tagged ‘March Enduro Madness’, the year is off to a great start. And, it’s only getting better.
After recent discussions amongst key track officials, Evergreen has decided to host a non-points pre-season event for their regular Four Cylinder and INEX Legends divisions on Sunday, March 20. The INEX Bandoleros are also on the card.
Both, the Four Cylinders and INEX Legends drivers will draw for starting positions in an eight lap heat race, their heat race finish, mixed with a redraw will determine the starting lineup for their 30-lap main event. The number of feature laps for the INEX Bandoleros will be decided on race day, based on car count.
“Although the track officials have run one race day together so far, this show will be a great opportunity for the officials of a regular Sunday show to work together, prior to the start of the points season”, noted track manager, Jason Makarewicz. FULL STORY

Evergreen Announces ‘March Enduro Madness’ Enduros & Releases 2016 Season Schedule
Following a terrific turnout for Evergreen’s ‘Snowball 100s’ Enduros in early January, the track has decided to host yet another day of wintertime excitement on Saturday, March 12.
Like done for the Snowball event, three popular divisions are slated to take the first green flag on the afternoon of Saturday, March 12th- the 4-cylinders and 6/8-cylinders. Both will compete in 100-lap events and fight to the finish for the $500 prize. A third division, ‘Open Competition’, has been added for 50-laps of action and unlike the last event, this class will go out first, prior to debris being on the racing surface.
A handful of sponsors have jumped on board to help support the show as well, including several area businesses. Thanks to their support, not only will the top five finishers in each division receive money, but 6th through 10th in the 4-cylinder and 6/8-cylinder Enduro classes will each receive $25. FULL STORY
Luke Colleran, Ed Brown, Jr. and Scott Adams Victors in Evergreen’s Snowball Enduros
The 2016 race season at Evergreen Raceway in St. Johns, PA officially kicked off Saturday afternoon. It was an inaugural show of sorts, with Jason Makarewicz as the new track lease holder and track manager. The show was anticipated by many drivers and fans to be a great start to a new era, yet no one knew exactly how popular the show would become. When it was all said and done, Ed Brown, Jr. claimed the 6-8Cylinder Enduro victory and Luke Colleran took top honors in the 4-Cylinder division. Scott Adams cruised to victory in the 25-lap Open Competitions show. FULL STORY
Evergreen Finds Victory with CK Auto Service and Race Fab
St. Johns, PA (12/8/2015)- Evergreen Raceway is proud to announce CK Auto Service and Race Fab as their victory lane sponsor for the 2016 season. As each feature winners pulls into victory lane for interviews and photos, they’ll know for a fact that CK is more than just a fab shop.
Located in Quakertown, PA, CK is a full service center that specializes in nearly everything, such as engine and transmission replacement, diagnostics, state and emissions Inspection, wheels, tires, alignments and everything else under the sun. When it comes to racing, they specialize in full bodied cars, from clipping frames to hanging bodies and even setting up the racecars, it’s a one stop shop for everyone.
Owned and operated by Chris Kemmerer, CK Auto Service and Race Fab can be contact at (267) 923-5366. They also have a Facebook page for everyone to like and share.
Chris stated about how excited he is for the reopening of Evergreen Raceway and wanted to do something to show his support for the track and its racers, which is why he decided to come on board to sponsor Evergreen’s CK Auto Service and Race Fab victory lane.
“What I’m looking forward to the most is being a part of bringing back some family values, mixed with good, hard door handle to doors handle short track racing at Evergreen”, he said.
Chris also stated that he’s looking forward to working with Evergreen for not only the 2016 season, but years beyond.
He continued, “I’m proud to have my business associated with Evergreen and can’t wait to get some great victory lane shots. I’d also like to wish Jason, Billy, the racers and the entire Evergreen Raceway staff the best of luck this upcoming season.”
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Jason Makarewicz to Give New Life to Evergreen
2016 Season Plan is in Full Effect
St. Johns, PA- After closing its doors midway through the 2014 season, Evergreen Raceway Park in St. Johns, PA will soon have new life. Operating under the Evergreen banner, the historic  1/3-mile asphalt oval will once again host racing in 2016, with former Late Model driver Jason Makarewicz
“I am very happy to be able to bring racing back to Northeastern PA and give fans and racers their home track back,” said Makarewicz, who isn’t only a former competitor at the track, but also a Factory Stock division car owner and of course a huge fan of the speedway since his youth.
One major change coming to the track in 2016 is the race day. Throughout the entirety of the season, racing will take place on Sunday afternoons.
“With so many tracks choosing Saturday as their day, it would not make sense to go head-to-head with other tracks in the surrounding area,” Makarewicz stated.
Makarewicz knows having someone who can promote the track is key to being successful and has tabbed Billy Bartley as promoter. Bartley is a former promoter at Evergreen (also known as Mountain Speedway) and the very popular Enduro series in the early to mid 2000s. Bartley is sure to be a popular pick among drivers throughout the tri-state area due to making the event more than just a race.
Divisions, rules package, and schedule are in the process of being completed and will be released in the near future. Evergreen Raceway is eyeing a January Enduro for their inaugural event, with more information to be released in the coming weeks. The speedway plans to look into using a harder tire compound to save competitors money and put on a better show for the fans.
Makarewicz would also like to thank those who volunteered their time during the summer to keep the facility in good shape.
In the meantime, get those cars dusted off and prepared for an action packed year of racing at your Evergreen Raceway.
In the next few weeks and into winter, please keep your eyes peeled on what’s ahead for Evergreen. A brand new website is in the works and the official domain name will be released shortly. For the interim, you can visit their temporary website at, or by following their Facebook page- Evergreen Raceway.
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