Verwys and O’Neill in Tune with Winter Blues Victories
By: Gene Ostrowski
February 11, 2017
St. Johns, PA (2/11/2017)- With snow and slush covering the racing surface at Evergreen Raceway, Seventy six entrants took part in the second leg of the speedway’s ‘Triple Crown Series’. Spring like temperatures helped bring fans to the track for the action, which was intense in the early going. When it was all said and done, Pete Verwys of Stroudsburg came home with the ‘Winter Blues’ Four Cylinder Enduro victory. After starting fifth on the grid in the 6/8-Cylinder portion of the show, Harry O’Neill of Mountaintop grabbed the lead and never looked back for his second straight victory.
Bob Wink started from the pole and led the first circuit of the 100-lap Four Cylinder Enduro. Dave Imler, Jr. held second, followed by Frank Shetler, Chris Rose and Tom Stevens.
With four laps complete, Pete Verwys grabbed second and set his sights on the leader. Three laps later Verwys made a bid for the lead, which was a success. Meanwhile, Scott Adams cracked the top five and later challenged Wink for second.
Wink got back by Verwys for the lead on lap 21 and Adams battled for second. Verwys fought back and regained the top spot on lap 25. With 30 laps in the books, Verwys remained on point with Wink in tow. Adams was forced to pit with a flat tire, which brought Brian Rehbein to third.
Wink got back to the lead on lap 33 and led for two laps before Rehbein showed his muscle and grabbed the top spot on lap 35.
It appeared that Rehbein was on his way to his first win at the speedway. However, lapped traffic slowed him up and Verwys climbed back to the point on lap 51. At that point in the event, Wink ran third with Rose and Mitch Sponenberg in tow.
Verwys began to pull away in the closing laps, which helped secure his victory. Rose crossed the stripe in second, followed by Wink, Mitch Patern and Tony Rispin.
Elliott Wohl started from the pole and led the 6/8-Cylinder field to the drop of the green flag. His lead was short lived and Harry O’Neill took the spot. Scott Sipe ran in third, followed by Woot Lawrence and Steve Brooks.
Lawrence then climbed into second and settled in behind the leader.
With O’Neill still showing the way, the second and final red flag of the show flew when Scott Sipe rear ended an unoccupied car on the speedway. The ambulance was brought out to the track for the lap 37 incident and luckily, Sipe climbed from his car under his own power after a very hard hit.
Green flag racing resumed and O’Neill began to drive off into his own zip code. He took the checkers over Lawrence, Mike Mujsce, Jr, Wohl and Mike Asdahl.
The third and final Triple Crown Series event at Evergreen Raceway is slated for Saturday, March 18. The ‘March Madness’ Enduro info, including registration, rules and purse will be posted on the speedway website within days.
Evergreen Raceway is located minutes from Hazleton, PA, in between routes 93 and 309. For more information regarding Evergreen Raceway, including the entire season schedule, directions and divisional payouts, please visit and don’t forget to like their Facebook page as well. 
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Four Cylinder (100-laps) 1. PETE VERWYS 2. Chris Rose 3. Bob Wink 4. Mitch Patern 5. Tony Rispin 6. Ed Spencer III 7. Kyle Laybauch 8. Don Rogers 9. Joey Helberg Jr 10. Mitch Sponenburg 11. Evan Gregory 12. Scott Adams 13. Bryan Kelly 14. Ray Kennedy 15. Eric Germuch 16. Ray Kochin 17.Anthony Patti 18. Chris Elixon 19. Dave Imler Jr 20. Randy Boston 21. Frank Shetler 22.Mark Morgan 23. John Rose 24. Kris Dane 25. Brenden Hires 26. Brian Rehbein 27. Dale Fey 28. Doug Dickson 29. Luke Hoffner 30. Broc Brown 31. Vic Vega 32. Adam Smizaski 33. Jeff Stapkicwicz 34. Mark Truszkowski 35. Zach Fitzgerald 36. Dave Malys 37. Scott Sipe 38. Jake Jones 39. Dave Imler 40. Kevin Nowak 41.Carl Altemose 42. Jimmy Ayre 43. Brian Halecki 44. Jason Bentzoni 45. Tom Stevens 46.Kevin Kruczek 47. Jeff Ackerman 48. Ryan Underaoffler 49. Dustin Pietrak 50. Mark Hammer
6/8-Cylinder (100-laps) 1. HARRY O’NEILL 2. Woot Lawrence 3. Mike Mujsce, Jr 4. Elliott Wohl 5. Mike Asdahl 6. Kenny Hejna 7. Erick Knopp 8. Dennis Kurras 9. Lauren Gimbi 10. John Rose 11. Steve Brooks 12. Scott Adams 13. Shawn Gallucci 14. Brian Rehbein 15. Ray Kennedy 16. Chris Rose 17.Brent Shaddock 18. Steph Moyer 19. Jeff Stanski 20. Dave Imler 21. Scott Sipe 22.Tony Rispin 23. Luke Hoffner 24. Johnny Schmidt III 25. Jesse Earhart 26. Pete Verwys