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Evergreen Raceway is a 1/3 mile asphalt oval located in the beautiful mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. The speedway hosts exciting stock car racing every weekend from April to November, making it one of NEPA's premier entertainment attractions.

Evergreen Raceway
Mill Mountain Road
St Johns, PA 18247
(570) 956-6347

Evergreen Raceway is available to rent
to any team interested in testing their cars. To schedule a date and time please call
the track office at (570) 956-6347.







Fantastic Four Hours of Evergreen

Pre Registration/Starting Lineup List

Starting Positions Will be Picked by Pre-Registered Drivers on Race Day. All Others will Start Behind Them in the Order that they Register on Race Day.

Field Will Start Three Wide

Enduro Events Held Rain or Shine.


Team #/Car # Driver #1 Driver #2 Driver #3 Driver #4
1 Sam Ryan TJ Kapish Tony Rispin Harry O'Neill
2 Tony Hubler Shaun Miller Troy Miller Matt Miller
3 Kevin Coyle  Tom Coyle  Tom Curcio  Mike Asdahl 
4  Scott Sipe Jason Sipe   Brian Almoney  Tom Hartman
5 Steve Ryan  Wayne Russel, Jr  Steve McMurray  Josh Kane 
6  Luke Hoffner Brandon Hoffner  AJ Hoffner  Steve Campbell 
7 Dan Larose Tyler Hewitt  JoshNellis  Dave Billings 
8  Richard Petey John Hoffman  Scott Riggleman  Howie Bott 





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Evergreen Raceway Announces
“Fantastic Four Hours of Evergreen”
St. Johns, PA (6/7/2017)- specially during the last two seasons, Enduro racing has become a popular attraction at Evergreen Raceway. Just when it didn’t seem like it could get any better for the Enduro racing drivers and fans, the track is proud to announce their “Fantastic Four Hours of Evergreen” to cap off their 2017 Enduro racing season. In what would be the longest Enduro event in track history, each registered car will consist of a four member team, and each will be mandated to take a turn at the wheel during the draining event.
   Whether it be rain, snow or shine, the event is slated to take place on Saturday, November 11. In order for the four hour non points paying show to take place, a minimum of 50 Four Cylinder Enduro teams must be pre-registered by October 15. Full Story

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