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2021 Points Banquet

Emotions Run High at a Wet and Wild King of the Green 2021 Finale at Evergreen Raceway

(10.24.21)The 2021 Season has seen its share of rain outs and rain delays, and Mother Nature decided this weekend would be no different.


Saturday started off with the threat of rain most of the day. The drivers were asked at their meeting if they wanted to try to wait it out to get the show in later in the afternoon when the rain was supposed to stop, or just cancel and run Sunday. 21 E-Mod, 14 late model, and the 20+ 4 Cylinder drivers Unanimously decided to wait it out. Well, the weather report never panned out the way it was predicted and the show was eventually forced to Sunday.


So there we were, back to Sunday racing and just praying for a clear day to get this final race of the King of the Green series in and close out the season. This time Mother Nature would comply and allow us to go racing!!


Four Cylinders action would see a clean flag to flag race with Harry O'Neill take an early lead and hold it for a good portion of the race, until a fast charging Paulie Hartwig III took the lead from him. Hartwig III checked out and lead the rest of the feature. Points leader and 2021 Champion Micah Adams battled with his sister Kenzie Adams for 2nd, but neither could reel in a very fast Hartwig in the remaining few laps. Paulie Hartwig III would take the win and the crown followed by Kenzie Adams, Micah Adams, Harry O'Neill, and 2021 ARCA rookie Stephanie Moyer rounding out the top 5.


Plum-Air Late Model Time Trials saw Mike Sweeney lay down the fastest time and take the pole starting position. Sweeney would dominate most of the 75 lap feature until a late race front flat tire sent him to the pits and to the rear of the field. Points leader Nick Ross would take over the lead and as Ross has done all season, never looked back. Ross held off a fast Jerrick Johnson to take the win and secure his 2021 Championship. Mike Sweeney would battle his way back to third with Samantha Osborn and Steve Shultz rounding out the top 5.


17 out of 21 Evergreen Modified drivers returned for Sundays 75 lap King of the Green Finale. Mike Dutka lead the field to the Green flag and took the early lead. It's didn't take long for a fast charging Brian Sones to come knocking though and take the lead of the race from Dutka. A wild midrace accident on the front stretch sent Jason Harmon head on into the frontstretch wall right at flagger Chris Walks feet bringing out the red flag. The wreck would also collect Jayden Brown and Kaden Rogers who ended up hooked together and would need to be cut apart. Sones would battle with Earl Paules but held the lead. A late race spin by Kenzie Adams who was making her modified debut, would set up a green white checkered finish and a chance for Paules on the restart. Sones and Paules would battle hard down the backstretch wheel to wheel on the restart both trying to get the advantage. In a controversial moment, something had to give and it was Paules number 8 that went spinning just before turn 3 bringing out another caution. Sones would hold onto the lead for the last 2 laps and take the win! Points leader and Jerry Hildebrand would take second and secure his 2021 E-Mod Championship. Paulie Hartwig III, Rick Smith and Brian Rygielski would round out the top 5.



4cyl Feature:

1. Paul Hartwig III, 2. Kenzie Adams, 3. Micah Adams, 4. Harry O'Neill 5. Steph Moyer, 6. Marc Aigeldinger, 7. Tony Hillard, 8. Mallory Kutz, 9.Mike Shoemaker

Late Model Feature:

1. Nick Ross, 2. Jerrick Johnson, 3. Mike Sweeney, 4. Samantha Osborn, 5. Steve Shultz, 6. Roger Maynor, 7. James Yons, 8.Todd Cooper, 9. Brooks Smith, 10. Brandon Turbush, 11. Geno Steigerwalt, 12. Rich Cooper

Evergreen Mod feature:

1. Brian Sones, 2. Jerry Hildebrand, 3. Paul Hartwig III, 4. Rick Smith, 5. Brian Rygielski, 6. Paul Hartwig Jr., 7. Kenzie Adams, 8. Earl Paules, 9. Mike Dutka, 10. Kaden Rogers, 11. Jayden Brown, 12. Broc Brown, 13. Jason Harman, 14.Paul Frantz, 15. Frank Katona DQ- Nick Baer

TOUR MODIFIEDS: MATT HIRSCHMAN, Austin Beers, Ron Silk, Chuck Hossfeld, TJ Potrebowski, Dyaln Izzo, Eddie MaCarthy, Artie Pedersen III, Brain Defebo, Zane Zeiner, Chris Turbush, Blake Barney, Earl Paules, Bobby Jones, Jack Ely, Paul Hartwig Jr., Nick Baer, Rocky Ross Jr., Roger Coss, Geary Rinehimer, Jerry Hildebrand, Lou Strohl, Sean Verwys, Jimmy Blewitt DNQ: Chris Young, Jon Mandato, Tommy Wanick, Roger Turbush, Tony Pettinelli, Rich Cooper, Paul Monkowski, Carl Altemose, Anthony Bello, Tommy Rought, Eric She, Daren Scherer


Street Stocks: ERIC KOCHER, Mike Pollack, Evan Rygielski, Thomas Flanagan, Jake Christman, Ken Erney, Bobby Kibler Jr., Jason Harman, Scott Adams, Gordie Buchman, Brain Wozniak, Dennis Buss, Randy Green, Brian Halecki, Steve Tito, Frank Del Nero, Bob Kibler Sr., Erney, Brandon Christman, Brandon Oltra, Jillian Snyder, Matt Schlenker DNQ: Jayden Harman, Cory Derr, Nick Pollack, Jeremy Guerra, Tommy Flanagan


Factory Stocks: KEVIN BROWN, Nate Marsico, Greg Harris, Steve Kreitzer, Moe Hunsinger, Brian Osborn, Ty Huntsberger, Chris Lesenski, Gerald Lawernce, AJ Jadacki, Brandon Cook, Kenzie Adams, Blaine Barry, James Blewitt, Clint Halstead, Scott Sipe, Randy Matthews, Tyler Herbt


Novice: BRODY GEORGE, JT Beirman, Don Rogers, Brooklyn Peters, Lauren Skupski, Caitlyn Makarewicz, Maggie Yeakel, Mason Marsico, Zoe Kuchera, Jake Knittle, Teddy Olswfski

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