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7th Annual Evergreen Raceway Awards Banquet


The yearly tradition continues and we are set to honor our drivers on Saturday, December 10th at Edgewood in the Pines located in St. Johns, PA.

Doors open at 5:45 with cocktails starting at 6 (cash bar). A family style dinner will be served at 7 with awards bring presented at 8. New this year is our entertainment, the Band North of 40 will be playing from 9 to midnight!!!


As in the past our 2022 Champions will be honored.

Your Champions are:

Tour Mods - Roger Coss

Evergreen Mods - Paulie Hartwig, III

602 Crate Mods - Rick Smith

Late Models - Nick Ross

Street Stock - Mike Pollack

Factory Stock - Brandon Cook

Four Cylinder - Kenzie Adams

Novice - Makayla Kohler


In addition to our Champions being honored we are also acknowledging the Top 5 Drivers in Tour Mods, Evergreen Mods, Crate Mods, Late Models, Factory Stock and Novice. The Top 10 Drivers in Street Stock and Four Cylinders will be acknowledged. Those drivers will also receive Trophies!!!


Drivers must be in attendance to receive awards.


We plan to name Rookies of the Year and Most Improved Drivers in each Class as well.


Price to attend is $50.00 for adults 14 and older. Kids 4 to 13 are $15.00 and kids 3 and under are free.


ALL reservations must be received by NOVEMBER 21ST. I cannot accept any reservations after that exceptions.

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King of the Green Tom Wanick Jr., Memorial nets Matt Hirschman over $10,000

Comes from last place to win 200-lapper


(Butler Township, PA 10-15-22) There is no denying the superiority of Matt Hirschman who yet again showcased his incomparable driving skills in winning the King of the Green (KOTG) Tom Wanick Jr., Memorial at Evergreen Raceway on Saturday and duplicating his win in the same event earlier this year at Mahoning Valley Speedway.

The race was both a track record payout with $8000-to-win plus the longest Modified feature distance ever run and despite an extremely talent filled field, Hirschman rose to the occasion with a performance that will long be remembered as he started dead last on the 24 car grid, was a one point in jeopardy of going on lap down, then systematically began picking off car after car and eventually motored his way into the top five just past the halfway mark.

Soon thereafter he was battling with front runners Austin Beers and Ron Silk while at the same time having to negotiate their way through traffic. For most of that spell Hirschman and Silk ran side-by-side while glued to the back of Beers.

The defining moment came during a lap 132 caution period which at that time the entire field used to make tire changing pit stops. Hirschman came in second behind Beers but thanks to hasty work by his crew returned first out.

From then on it was a battle between him and Silk but during the waning laps there was no denying this was his race as he went on the claim his ninth KOTG dating back to 2001. There was also a $2000 Gamblers Bonus offered to the top four from time trials with the money to be shared if any of those drivers chose to start from the rear and then finish in the top four. Hirschman was the only one who took the dare and in doing so collected a record Evergreen payout when all was said and done. With additional bonuses his day’s work netted the Northampton star $10,750.

“We had to go for it (Gamblers Bonus) because 10 (thousand) just sounds so much better than eight and I really appreciate all the money that was put into it by the Wanick family,” said Hirschman after his 52nd career Evergreen victory and 26th overall this season.

“We had the biggest paying race ever at Mahoning Valley and we won that and now the same here at Evergreen and it’s been a great season for us locally as well as on the road but it’s great to win at home especially when it’s this big,” he continued.

“I’ve come from the back to win here in much shorter races 50, 40, 30 lap so to give me 200 laps is plenty of time but you still have to execute all race and a race that involved pit stops and we had a good one.”

When the action began Bobby Jones jumped into the early lead over Tim Connolly and Anthony Sesely. However, Silk would be the man on the move as he wasted little time in getting up to second from his fifth starting spot and on lap 28 he went to the outside of Jones for the lead.

Silk then set sail with a steady and quick pace and before 40 laps where complete he caught the tail end of the field which at that point included the likes of Hirschman. He began lapping cars with ease and was within a few car lengths striking distance on Hirschman near the lap 60 mark before a few cautions thwarted his efforts.

At that point Hirschman wasn’t holding back any longer and began his march towards the front.

While Silk continued to lead and Hirschman was doing his thing, Beers was battling hard with Sesely for second and secured the spot by lap 77. He then charged his was up to Silk and was putting continuous pressure on him which paid off when he seized an opening in Turn 4 during a lap 96 restart.

Within the next six laps of Beers taking control Hirschman was now in the top five and moving fast towards the front. At lap 110 he joined the fray with Beers and Silk and the trio then raced under a blanket while meticulously working by heavy traffic.

On lap 133 Connolly’s day came to an abrupt end when he smacked the front straight wall. Under the caution Beers led the entire field into the pits but not back out as that distinction went to Hirschman who changed right side tires and rose back into action as the new leader. Beers and Silk would realign second and third.

Once back underway the top three battle remained closely contested, that was until a lap 151 restart. As the field was taking the green to restart the race Beers was pinched from behind and went into a spin that send a number of cars scattering. He then pitied for service but was no longer a factor.

The rest of the way it would be Silk chasing Hirschman but to no avail as the undisputed current day kingpin of asphalt Modifieds went on to another satisfying verdict.

“I don’t think the strategy helped us win today and to be honest I think it made it a little bit harder but we were able to get up to second behind Austin (Beers) and then my guys had a great pit stop and got me that on spot I couldn’t get on the track,” said Hirschman.

“I’m thankful to have such a big night so close to home and there was a great purse throughout the field.”

2022 Evergreen champion Roger Coss was a solid third. He qualified through the consi and made a late race charge at the end en garnering a top three. Justin Brown and Chris Turbush competed the top five. Brown started 21st and although he was caught up in a few minor incidents, raced well all the while. Turbush was consistently steady all race long, was never outside the top 10 and at one point ran as high as third until the late going.

Jack Handley Jr., Andrew Krause, Stephen Kopcik, Tom Rogers Jr., and Daren Scherer rounded out the top 10.

Silk takes in as many Evergreen races as his busy schedule allows and each time is always in contention for a win and usually in the same scenario with Hirschman.

“Matt Hirschman is really tough to beat and he’s especially really tough to beat here. I think that we make little improvements every time we come and we always run pretty good but you have to be on top of your game to beat him” reflected Silk.

“We were good and second best but the car just got too tight on that last run. I could kind of run the same pace as him but when he decided he wanted to go he could go and that was about all I had” he went on to explain.

“After the caution when we got our tires I was driving pretty hard and think both of us were going that way but he was just a tick better and as that last longer run went on he was just got far enough ahead of me and I just kind of cruised around those last few laps.”

Feature finish (200 laps): 1. Matt Hirschman, 2. Ron Silk, 3. Roger Coss, 4. Justin Brown, 5. Chris Turbush, 6. Jack Handley Jr., 7. Andrew Krause, 8. Stephen Kopcik, 9. Tom Rogers Jr., 10. Daren Scherer, 11. Blake Barney, 12. Lou Strohl, 13. Austin Beers, 14. Eddie McCarthy, 15. Jerry Hildebrand, 16. Bobby Jones, 17. Brian Sones, 18. Anthony Sesely, 19. Tom Connolly, 20. Brian DeFebo, 21. Artie Pederson III, 22. Jimmy Zacharias, 23. Earl Paules DQ: Jimmy Blewett DNQ: Austin Kochenash, Allen Pederson, Eric Zeh, Nick Baer, Don Wagner, Sean Verwys, Donny Hartzel, Randal Richards

Sesely, Hildebrand, Ross and Harmon Wrap up Evergreen Season with “King of the Green” Victories

By: Gene Ostrowski

October 15, 2022

St. Johns, PA (10/16/2022)- The third and final day of racing for Evergreen Raceway’s 7th annual “King of the Green” kicked off Sunday at the popular 1/3-mile asphalt oval. The competition was tough and expectations were high. A pair of 30-lap main events was on tap for the Evergreen Modifieds and when the checkers flew, Anthony Sesely of Matawan, NJ and Jerry Hildebrand of Mountaintop were the victors. Nick Ross of Mountaintop grabbed top honors in the Late Model feature, capping off his historic championship season by winning every Late Model feature that was held at the speedway this year. Jayden Harmon raced to the point and led the last 35 laps of the Street Stock feature to claim the big prize.

Brian Rygielski led the Evergreen Modified field to the drop of the green flag in the first 30-lap contest. He held the top spot early, with Rick Smith, Jason Harmon, Paulie Hartwig III and Steve Shultz in tow.

With just five laps complete, eighth place starter, Anthony Sesely, worked his way into sixth. With Rygielski still showing the way on lap 11, Sesely grabbed fourth and then shot by both Hartwig and Smith for the runner up spot on lap 17.

Following a lap 20 restart, Sesely found a lie around the leader and snatched the race lead a lap later. He continued out front over the remaining laps to take the win over Rygielski, Don Fattaruso, Hartwig and Shultz.

From the pole position, Jerry Hildebrand led the field to the green flag to start the second 30-lap main. He led the opening circuit over Harmon, Rygielski, Rob Schultz and Shultz.

With Hildebrand still setting the pace after lap 10, top five positions began to shuffle, with Shultz moving to third and Broc Brown cracking the top five.

The yellow flag waved on lap 13 when a flume of smoke came from the headers Rygielski’s ride. With the assistance of the hook, he retired to the pit area.

With 16 laps complete, Sesely, who had started the race from 16th, worked by Brown and into fourth. He held the spot until a handful of lap 18 yellows slowed the pace.

Green flag racing resumed with Hildebrand still in command. Sesely wasted no time and began to knock off even more positions, and with fifteen to go, he climbed to second.

Hildebrand remained smooth and steady over the final laps and held off Sesely for the win. Harmon, Dom Fattaruso and Hartwig completed the top five. With his fifth place effort, Paulie Hartwig, III took the division championship.

Rygielski and Sesely were heat race winners.

Mike VanFossen led the Late Model field to the drop of the green in the 50-lap feature, but he was overtaken by Marc Aigeldinger, Brandon Turbush and Geno Steigerwalt before a lap was scored.

With his impressive season coming to a close, Nick Ross started back in the tenth position. By lap five, he overtook Steigerwalt for the fourth spot. Meanwhile, Turbush applied pressure to the leader and grabbed the lead on lap seven.

Ross moved past third place runner, Roger Manor for position on lap 12 and then shot by Aigeldinger for second one lap later.

A pair of lap 25 cautions slowed the pace and Turbush led over Ross, Jared Barclay, Dennis Wenner and Russ Jansen.

Green flag racing resumed and Ross overtook the leader. He never looked back and took the victory over Turbush, Barclay, Wenner and Maynor. The championship earning win was his fifth at evergreen this season, which means that he went to victory in every Late Model feature held this year.

Maynor, Barclay and Travis Fisher were heat race winners.

Shaun Burd led the Street Stock field to the drop of the green flag in the 50-lap contest. He led the opening circuit over Bob Hunsicker, Jr., Brandon Chrisman, Jayden Harmon and Bobby Kibler, Jr.

Following a quick yellow and with five laps in the books, Harmon moved into the runner up spot behind the leader. The two battled hard until Harmon was able to get under Burd for the race lead in turn two on lap 15.

Despite having to fend off many competitors over numerous restarts, Harmon took the checkers for the big win over Eric Kocher, Johnny Bennett, John Moser and Chrisman.

Bobby Kibler, Jr., Bob Hunsicker, Jr., Ken Erney and Randy Green were heat race winners. Logan Boyer was the consi winner.

With a solid ninth place effort, Mike Pollack claimed the divisional championship.

Evergreen Modified Feature #1 (30-laps) 1. ANTHONY SESELY 2. Brian Rygielski 3. Dom Fattaruso 4. Paulie Hartwig III 5. Steve Shultz 6. Broc Brown 7. Rick Smith 8. Geary Rinehimer 9. Nick Baer 10. Rob Schultz 11. Jason Harmon 12. Vinny DeLaney 13. Kenzie Adams 14. Jerry Hildebrand 15. Tony Hilliard 16. Matty Ricco

Evergreen Modified Feature #1 (30-laps) 1. JERRY HILDEBRAND 2. Sesely 3. Harmon 4. Fattaruso 5. Hartwig III 6. Brown 7. Baer 8. Shultz 9. Schultz 10. Smith 11. Rinehimer 12. DeLaney 13. Adams 14. Rygielski 15. Hilliard 16. Ricco

Late Model (50-laps) 1. NICK ROSS 2. Brandon Turbush 3. Jarred Barclay 4. Dennis Wenner 5. Roger Maynor 6. Geno Steigerwalt 7. Marc Aigeldinger 8. Ed Cheslak 9. Russ Jansen 10. Daryn Miller 11. Brian Romig, Jr. 12. Brooks Smith 13. Micah Adams 14. Eldon King 15. Travis Fisher 16. Joe Berretta 17. Dave Imler 18. Mike VanFossen

Street Stock (50-laps) 1. JAYDEN HARMON 2. Eric Kocher 3. Johnny Bennett 4. John Moser 5. Jacob Christman 6. Tucker Muffley 7. Randy Green 8. Brandon Christman 9. Mike Pollack 10. Corey Edelman 11. Thomas Flanagan 12. Brandon Oltra 13. Bob Hunsicker, Jr. 14. Mike Erney 15. Brian Halecki 16. Logan Boyer 17. Bobby Kibler, Sr. 18. Mark Deysher 19. Shaun Burd 20. Tommy Flanagan DQ: Ken Erney, Bobby Kibler, Jr. DNQ: Bobby Kibler, Sr., Amber Knect, Nico Denaples, Abe Romanik, Jeremy Guerra, Stacey Brown

Evan Rygielski Earns Friday’s 7th annual “King of the Green” Victory

By: Gene Ostrowski

October 14, 2022

St. Johns, PA (10/14/2022)- Evergreen Raceway’s 7th annual “King of the Green” (KOTG) weekends kicked off Friday evening at the popular 1/3-mile asphalt oval in St. Johns, PA. The stage was set for the final points paying event of the season with extended lap features for the 602 Crate Modifieds, Novice Four Cylinders, Rotten Forgotten Series and the TQ Midgets. When the checkers finally flew for the 50-lap, caution-filled 602 Crate Modified event, Evan Rygielski of Wilkes-Barre was given the crown to wear for his victory lane photos. After taking the lead on lap eight, Lehighton’s Michael Klotz earned the Novice Four Cylinder victory and Joe Jensen of Nescopeck took top honors in the Rotten Forgotten Series. Fourteen year old Tanner VanDoren of Slatington led flag to flag en route to the TQ Midget feature victory.

With Kenzie Adams on the pole, twenty three 602 Crate Modifieds anticipated the drop of the green flag for the start the 50-lap main event. As the field rolled out of turn four, several cars tangled, while others attempted to take evasive action. When the dust cleared, Adams, Neil Rutt III, Gordie Buchman, Vinny Delaney, James Blewett, Rick Smith, Stephen Coleman and DJ Doyle were victims of the red flag incident. Following an extended caution and pit stops, most drivers were able to continue.

With Troy Bollinger in command, the green flag finally waved but the red flag followed a lap later when Paulie Hartwig III and Brian Rygielski tangled up a bit entering turn one. The contact shot Hartwig up the track and several other cars were collected, including Jason Harmon, Delaney, Brody George and Mike Pollack.

With the green flag back out, Bollinger continued to show the way on lap five, followed by E. Rygielski, Max Handley, Jaden Brown and Paul Hartwig, Jr. E. Rygielski worked the leader and his bid for the lead paid off on lap 17. With half of the race in the books, he continued to show the way by adding some distance between himself and Bollinger, Hartwig, Jr, Doyle and B. Rygielski.

The final yellow of the event flew on lap 26 when Handley made contact with Harmon in turn three. Due to his machine leaking fluid, Bollinger was black flagged under the yellow and did not return to the speedway.

Even with pursuit from Hartwig, Jr. over the remaining laps, E. Rygielski took the big win. Hartwig, Jr. settled for second, followed by Doyle. John Laureigh and B. Rygielski completed the top five.

Bollinger, Brown and E. Rygielski were heat race winners, and with his solid seventh place effort after being caught up in several incidents, Rick Smith took the division championship.

Ella Sones led the Novice Four Cylinder drivers to the drop of the green flag in the 20-lap feature. She led the opening circuit over MacKayla Kohler, Kaitlyn Makarewicz, Eddie Geiger, Jr. and Michael Klotz.

With two laps complete, Geiger worked his way to the point but lost the lead one circuit later after tangling with another car. The turn of events moved Kohler to the point, where she led over Klotz and Makarewicz.

Klotz worked the lead and made the pass for the lead stick on lap eight. He was untouched over the closing laps and took the victory over Kohler, Makarewicz, Sones and Lexus Kutz.

Kohler and Makarewicz took heat race victories, and Kohler was celebrated as the division champion.

Tanner VanDoren led the TQ field to the drop of the green flag for the Tommy Williams & Doug Crag 25-lap Memorial event. He led the opening circuit over Anthony Sesely and Chris Coleman.

Even though two cautions slowed the race pace, VanDoren wired the field to pick up the victory. Jasper Ziegafuse worked his way up through the pack to finish in second, followed by a hard charging Tyler Wagner, who started back in the eleventh spot. Christopher and Jason Hentrich completed the top five.

Wagner and Ryan Tidman took heat race victories.

The green flag dropped for the 20-lap Rotten Forgotten feature. Joe Jensen was at the point and led the first lap over his bothers, Noah and John Jensen.

One caution flag slowed the pack on lap seven, but that didn’t slow Joe, who took the victory over Sam Jensen, Noah Jensen, Danny Jensen and Robert Fink. Joe Jensen was also the heat race winner.

602 Crate Modifieds (50-laps) 1. EVAN RYGIELSKI 2. Paul Hartwig, Jr. 3. DJ Doyle 4. John Laureigh 5. Brian Rygielski 6. Jason Harmon 7. Rick Smith 8. James Blewett 9. Stephen Coleman 10. Ryan Fisher 11. Paul French 12. Kenzie Adams 13. Paulie Hartwig III 14. Mike Pollack 15. Vinny Delaney 16. Troy Bollinger 17. Max Handley 18. Jaden Brown 19. Peyton Arthofer 20. Brody George 21. Avery Arthofer 22. Gordie Buchman 23. Neil Rutt III

Novice Four Clylinder (20-laps) 1. MICHAEL KLOTZ 2. MacKayle Kohler 3. Kaitlyn Makarewicz 4. Ella Sones 5. Lexus Kutz 6. Riley Titis 7. Tyler Skordensky 8. Eddie Geiger, Jr. 9. Mayson Moyer

TQ Midgets (25-laps) 1. TANNER VANDOREN 2. Jasper Ziegafuse 3. Tyler Wagner 4. Christopher Coleman 5. Jason Hentrich 6. Ryan Tidman 7. Doug Craig 8. Josh Patterson 9. Zach Burd 10. Mike Turton 11. Brandon Kressler 12. Chester Haywood 13. Jamie Pew 14. Bill Fischer 15. Ozzy Carlino 16. Anthony Sesley 17. Don Zrinski 18. Mark Janisch

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