9/15/18 Evergreen Raceway-Drums, PA


  40 lap 4 cylinder race ends with Barbush III leading the field to the checkered flag; Wozniak returns to victory lane in the second annual New York Super Stocks Sleepy’s Street Stock Shootout.

At the start of the day, the skies had been overcast; the air was warm and humid. If your like me, you are a little gun shy when it comes to the weather and how often it has ruined our summer plans to race our hearts out. Luckily, the weather cleared out and we had sunny skies with the occasional overcast clouds in sight for the entire day.


  Joe Barbush III. would take the lead early on and maintain the top spot all the way to the lap that counts, number 40. This would mark Joe Jr’s second win of the season with running a limited racing schedule. Joe is sponsored by Barbush Auto Sales, Electric Frog, and his families love and support for racing.


  Even with this shortened season due to so many rainouts, our four cylinder division has always been full of new and experienced talent that has never left us without having a great and exciting race. One car that seems to always be in the front is our 2018 4 cylinder track Champion Harry O’Neil who clinched his championship at the end of this race. Harry is sponsored by Tito Juice among others. He will only need to show up at King of The Green, turn a green lap, and pass tech to collect his points and he will be the Champion.


  The 75 lap NYSS Sleepy’s Street Stock Shoot out was also full of excitement. A majority of these drivers traveled from many different area of the North Eastern US but it would be the driver with the 20 minute drive who would take home the top prize of $1500. Brian Wozniack would make a last lap pass to obtain the top spot. He also had to work his way up through the field a second time after an early race pit to fix lose sheet metal. Evergreen would like to thank the New York Super Stock’s for once again coming to the track and providing an excellent show. We also would like to thank all the drivers and teams for making the trip to the track which is the most southern race for the year on their schedule.



4 cyl finish

Joe Barbush III, TJ Kapish, Harry O’Neill, Jay Kanor, Jimmy Ayre, Josh Oswald, Rebecca Barbush, Zeb Farber, Lee Glowatch, Bo Doknovitch, Steve Kreitzer.



NYSS finish

Brian Wozniak, Mike Pollack, Robert Fink, Zack Willis, Joel Gleason, Nate Peckham, Brian Halecki, Frank Petroski, John Bennett, Shaun Frarey, Scott Adams, Jason Dinzler, Bill Frisbie Jr, Amber Vanorden, Nick Robinson, Aaron Higgins, Ron Underwood, Jum Lamoreaux, Jim Halt, Zak Petrie, Scott Dinzler, Matt Larriuee.


Evergreen Raceway is proud to be associated with Fairway Chevrolet, American Rental Equipment, Wanick Construction, Franzosa Trucking, Sponenberg’s Exhaust, Harry’s U-Pull It, Barbush Auto Sales, S&D Bodyline, CK Auto Service and Race Fab, Rock Auto, Electric Frog Designs and Evans Roadhouse,

Himmer Graphics, Scott Adams Designs, and Steamtown Crossfit, Sonny’s Landscaping and Morans Funeral Home



As always you can visit us on online at www.evergreenracewaypark.com. Facebook at Evergreen Raceway and on twitter @EvergreenRacePa



Promoter Jason Makarewicz

Director of Operations Jeff Owler

Announcer/PR Ted Grow

Speedway Info

183 Mill Mountain Road
St Johns, PA 18247
(570) 956-6347

Evergreen Raceway is a 1/3 mile asphalt oval located in the beautiful mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. The speedway hosts exciting stock car racing every weekend from April to November, making it one of NEPA's premier entertainment attractions.


Track Rental

Evergreen Raceway is available to rent
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