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Press Release - June 17, 2022

By Ted Grow

11th to 1st for Hirschman; Kenzie Adams, Brandon Cook snag Friday Night Laurels.


Coming up; June 24th; The Wire Guys Night FIREWORKS. Plus, Evergreen Modifieds, Late Models, Street Stocks, 4 Cylinders.


Matt Hirschman is silky smooth no matter where he goes to race and Friday night at Evergreen proved, why he will be a threat for his 7th straight track championship.

Hirschman diced his way through the field like a fine chef dices his onions. Starting 11th and grabbing the lead from Roger Coss with more than 30 laps remaining. Coss and Cody Koehler shared the front row and Coss jumped out to an early lead with Koehler hot on his heels. Coss who was having his best run to date, was no match for Hirschman as he cruised to his second straight win in as many races. Chuck Hossfeld who started 10th ended up P2.


In the 25 lap 4 cylinder main event it was Kenzie Adams snapping the win streak of Paulie Hartwig. Hilliard and Adams started on the front row and before even a lap could be completed Hilliards day was done with a blown motor.

Adams took the lead after the restart and never looked back. The main attraction was shaping up behind them as Micah Adams and Paulie Hartwig III raged a war inside the top five as both driver’s began using each other up. Micah Adams unfortunately came out on the wrong end of the deal. We now have a brand new rivalry at the Speedway between two youngsters who don't even have a combined age of 25.


In the Duct Tape 25 Ed Makarewicz Memorial, Brandon Cook raced to his second straight feature win, this time hitting the line first.

Cook looked to be locked for a 3rd place run however with less than ten to go leader Blaine Barry was spun from behind by Scott Sipe and Cook inherited the lead.


Modifieds 1. Hirschman 2. Hossfeld 3. Coss 4. Jerry Hildebrand 5. Austin Beers 6. Brian DeFebo 7. Ricky Collins 8. Earl Paules 9. Daren Scherer 10. Nick Baer 11. Bobby Jones 12. Carl Altemose 13. Cody Koehler 14. Austin Kochenash 15. Geary Reinhimer Jr.


4 Cylinders 1. K. Adams 2. TJ Kapish 3. Jay Kanor 4. Zeb Farber 5. Larry Spencer 6. Tom Cavagnino 7. Doug DeHaven 8. PJ Thomas DQ Micah Adams, Paulie Hartwig III DNS Jacob Knittle Brooklynn Peters


Factory Stocks 1. Cook 2. Sipe 3. Steve Kreitzer 4. Blaine Barry 5. Joey Helberg


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