Saturday Features go to Roger Coss; Zane Zeiner and Eric Kocher.

Hirschman; Lawrence and Barbush III take Sunday crowns.


The 3rd annual King of the Green under the promotion of Jason Makarewicz got off to an excellent start for a number of drivers. Lafayette New Jersey’s Roger Coss picked up his first Modified win of any kind at Evergreen Raceway on Saturday leading all 75 laps in the Evergreen Modifieds. Coss would not have it easy by any means at anytime having to fend off seasoned veteran Zane Zeiner and Brandon Oltra. An early caution on lap 1 would collect Austin Beers and Neil Rutt III, Rutt would continue Beers afternoon was over before it even got started. A few more yellows flew before the longest green flag run of the day between laps 20 and 51 when on lap 51 Joey Jarowicz would spin off of turn 4. Coss continued to lead and had begun to stretch his advantage to over a half a straightaway over Oltra and Zeiner. A lap 71 restart would line up Oltra and Zeiner right to the back bumper of the Jeff’s Service station number 21.  Coss would hold on to win over Oltra, Zeiner Jerry Hildebrand and Neil Rutt III would complete the top 5.


A number of yellows would slow the late model 75 lap portion of the event. Zane Zeiner who has won every long distance race this season in the late model division. Zeiner would not run away with this one as 2018 track champion Steve Shultz would challenge for the lead multiple times with Mike Sweeney, Travis Fisher and Broc Brown. Zeiner would have to fend off both Shultz and Sweeney on two green white checkered finishes. Shultz would finish 2nd Sweeney was 3rd Geno Steigerwalt and Broc Brown would rebound for 5th.


A bucket list race was checked off this weekend for veteran Eric Kocher winning his first ever King of The Green street stock main event. Kocher would ride in the third position most of the race as 2018 champion Broc Brown and Jon Moser would battle feverishly over the first 35 laps. Moser and Kocher would line up side by side on a late race restart. Kocher and Moser would battle side by side for a number of laps as Kocher would nip Moser at the line by a bumper when the caution would fly. Kocher would go on to win his first King of The Green over Brown, Todd Ahner, Moser and Jason Beers.

Jon Moser, Eric Kocher and Broc Brown were heat race winners


Gerard Lawrence for the 2nd straight year become King of the Green however this time he was able to celebrate in front of the crowd instead of after post-race tech inspection. Heat race winner Tom Casagrande would lead the field to the green flag with nine laps up on the board the first yellow of the day would fly for an incident in turn one with Bryan O’Shea, Mark Tyson and first time competitor Wesley Sammon. On the following restart the field would get mixed up tremendously as Casagrande and Eric Zeh would battle side by side on the next restart Casagrande and Zeh would make contact off of turn 4 and that opened the door for Brian Brown to make a 3 wide pass for the lead. The following lap Lawrence would make the same race winning move under Brown and Zeh off of turn 4 and would go on to win his 2nd straight Factory Stock King of the Green crown.


Casagrande and Lawrence were heat race winners


Joe Barbush III has had a solid first full season in the 4 cylinder division picking up three wins including his first King of The Green crown. Barbush would take the lead early and have to fend off the charges of Devin Schmidt, Neil Rutt III, Beau Drobot and a host of others. Drobot and Barbush would battle side by side for a number of laps before Drobot would get knocked sideways and bring out the yellow flag sending him to the tail end of the field. Barbush III would maintain control the remain in control and hold off Rutt III, Drobot who would charge from 18th to 3rd, Kanor and Jake Jones would all complete the top 5.


Drobot, Barbush III and Rebecca Barbush were heat race victors.


Matt Hirschman is one of the best long distance racers of our time. Hirschman would be the very first car to time trial on the day and would set a blistering lap that would go unbeaten by 26 other drivers. After a top 10 redraw Bobby Jones would lead the field to the green flag over Matt Hirschman. The race would get off to a fast start as the first 27 laps would go caution free when Randall Richards and James Pritchard would come together off of turn 4 with Pritchard tagging the front stretch wall. Pritchard would continue. Hirschman would pace the field for the next 60 laps or so pitting on lap 90 to take on a new right rear tire. That would hand the lead over to Zane Zeiner. Zeiner would begin to fade over the next 30 laps. John Mandato who had pitted early on in the race would charge his way up to 2nd and pressure Zeiner using the outside to take over the lead. Zeiner would continue to fade and would later spin off of turn 2 on lap 125 setting up a 25 lap dash to the finish. Hirschman with 25 to go before the yellow was stuck in traffic running 14th. On lap 125 Hirschman would pit along with Defebo, Zeiner, Bobby Jones. Hirschman would restart 10th on the lap 125 restart. Hirschman would quickly make light work through the field however with less than 20 laps to go contact from Roger Coss would send Hirschman in a slide.  Hirschman would save the car and continue his drive to the front. Hirschman would climb his way back to 3rd as Roger Turbush and Roger Coss would rage war with a side by side battle over the next ten laps. Hirschman would pound on lap 141 taking the lead and never look back claiming his 3rd straight track championship. Zeiner would rebound for 2nd over Coss, Defebo and Roger Turbush.


A huge thank you goes out to Wanick Construction and Fransoza Trucking for sponsoring the modified portion of the King of The Green event without them the $5,000 to win 500 to start would not have been possible.



Evergreen Modifieds (75) 1. Roger Coss 2. Oltra 3. Zeiner 4. Hildebrand 5. Rutt 6. Baer 7. Joe Degracia 8. Mike Pollack 9. Joey Jarowicz 10. Jacob Balliet 11. Jesse Strohl 12. Rich Lapolt 13. Josh Oswald 14. Austin Beers


Late Model (75) 1. Zeiner 2. Shultz 3. Sweeney 4. Geno Steigerwalt 5. Broc Brown 6. Travis Fisher 7. Kyle Harvell 8. Brian Romig Jr. 9. George Ramos III 10. Todd Cooper 11. Rich Cooper


Street Stocks (50) 1. Kocher 2. Brown 3. Ahner 4. Moser 5. Beers 6. Brian Halecki 7. Beau Drobot 8. Jon Meyer 9. Kevin Makarewicz 10. Jillian Long 11. Johnny Bennett 12. Rich Paciotti 13. Brayden Spencer 14. Ken Erney III 15. Mitch Hawk 16. Jim Yamelski 17. Josh Mooney 18. Dennis Buss 19. Mike Pollack 20. Joe Stangle DNQ Jamie Smith Anthony Tombasco Shawn Kistler Lindsay Buss Chad Miller


4 Cylinder (40) 1. Barbush III 2. Rutt III 3. Drobot 4. Kanor 5. Jones 6. Kevin Kruczek 7. TJ Kapish 8. Bob Azarowicz 9. Jimmy Ayre 10. Sam Ryan 11. Harry O’Neill 12. Zeb Farber 13. Mike Pollack 14. Jay Skupski 15. Josh Oswald 16. Mark Spencer 17. Hunter Iatalese 18. Devin Schmidt 19. Rebecca Barbush 20. Steve Kreitzer DNQ Ryan Burkett, Ray Kochin, Billy Both, Lee Glowatch, Tony Hilliard and Rich Mutarelli


Factory Stocks (40) 1. Lawrence 2. Sammon 3. Brown 4. Zeh 5. Moyer 6. Joey Helberg 7. Casagrande 8. Tyson 9. Paul Morgan Jr. 10. Bryan O’Shea 11. Andrew Monkoski 12. Chris Trumbauer 13. Harry O’Neill 14. Bob Wright


Modifieds (150) 1. Hirschman 2. Zeiner 3. Coss 4. Defebo 5. Turbush 6. Earl Paules 7. Jonathan Mandato 8. Jerry Hildebrand 9. John Markovic 10. Ron Frees 11. Eddie McCarthy 12. Sal Accardi Jr 13. Scott Adams 14. Tommy Wanick 15. James Pritchard 16. Randal Richard 17. Todd Baer 18. Bobby Jones 19. Joey Jarowicz 20. Mitchell Dowd 21. Lou Strohl 22. Brandon Oltra DNQ Chris Risdale, Paul Frantz, Paul Monkoski, Barry Callavini and Donnie Hartzell


Evergreen Raceway is proud to be associated with Fairway Chevrolet, American Rental Equipment, Wanick Construction, Franzosa Trucking, Sponenberg’s Exhaust, Harry’s U-Pull It, Barbush Auto Sales, S&D Bodyline, CK Auto Service and Race Fab, Rock Auto, Electric Frog Designs and Evans Roadhouse, Himmer Graphics, Scott Adams Designs, and Steamtown Crossfit, Sonny’s Landscaping and Morans Funeral Home


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